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*NEW* - LiveOPTICAL video conferencing

The latest innovation and unique to NanoScope. 'LiveOPTICALTM' remote project conferencing is the latest innovation from NanoScope. By extending our UNIQUE 'LiveFIBTM' capability to include OPTICAL MICROSCOPY and NANOMANIPULATION, NanoScope clients can now supervise all aspects of their projects, from the comfort of their own office.

By bringing together these complimentary microscopy techniques with real time project supervision, you can have the confidence to send your most valuable projects for action, while focusing on other important tasks. These powerful visual aids and on-line collaboration have removed the need for you to travel to supervise specialist interventions.
This significantly reduced the documentation work required fo each job, and the travel costs to get there.

Device Modification or Materials Analysis has never been greener or more cost effective.

Several conferencing software options support NanoScopes Live Microscopy options. Just click here to ask.

Video conference output during optical microscopy of a device.

Live video feed of a circuit modification

'LiveFIB' - Secure video conferencing during FIB interventions on your samples

NanoScopes UNIQUE LiveFIB capability effectively puts a Focused Ion Beam microscope into the office of every engineer who needs one.

All Ion Beam applications can be done remotely and with real time consultation to accelerate the process and minimise the costs.

World class results without any instrument or expert engineer costs are available on an 'as needed' basis and without and training or lengthy preparation.

Log onto LiveFIB and watch your problems get ionised.